WK19: The Police Trap

Once,there was a devious man called Tommy. Tommy is a person that steals shiny things from the museum.He never gets caught.

On dark night, Tommy went into the museum to steal gold coins in a treasure chest and when he ambulated into the museum, a perilous trap came in front of him but he overcomed it.

Next, Tommy went to the treasure chest but he didn’t know that the police set a trap for him. He got the and caressed the coins then a burly cage fell upon him.

After that,the police came and put Tommy underground then he said “Where’s my cloths?”, the minite he said that it came down thaw drainpipe and that was the end of Tommy.

3 thoughts on “WK19: The Police Trap”

  1. HI Fortune I really liked your story my favourite part was when the clothes went down the drainpipe from Tadhg Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hi Fortune.
    I like the adjectives you used.
    I like the part where the police set a trap for him.
    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce Class.

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