WK18: The Grisly Princess

Back in the 1800, an amiable prince called Prince Charles told 3 audacious vigorous men called Francis,James & Strongbow to go to a lofty tower where a princess lived and she was guarded by a atrocious dragon.

They got to the tower then they defeated the dragon without putting a finger on her.

After that, the men ran up the tower as briskly as the could then they saw a door. James,Strongbow & Francis opened the door and saw a grisly non-kissable princess. The Men said “You’re blinding my eyes. I think you want to kill me” in a doleful voice.

At the end, the princess’s ugliness killed them. Nowdays there’s a terribly-drawn statue of the 3 men in Waterford,Ireland.¬†IT’S NOT TRUE¬†!!!

9 thoughts on “WK18: The Grisly Princess”

  1. Hi Fortune,
    I really liked your story because you used nice adjectives like vigorous,
    I would definitely want to see that statue!
    Your sincerely Naglis,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  2. Hi Fortune.
    I like the describing words you used.
    A lot of the words you used I didn’t know but they sound interesting.
    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce class

  3. Hi there fortune
    That was an excellent story with a lot of humor
    I like the use of words you chosen in your story.
    I have two questions for you:
    1. How did the 3 men kill the dragon?
    2. How did the princess become ugly?
    Thank you for commenting on my story and be sure to comment back on my story next week.
    Laurynas, Mrs O Sullivan’s class.

  4. Hi Fortune
    Your story reminds me of a Harry Potter book I read once.
    I love your use of vocabulary.
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyces class.

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