WK17: The Elongated Stretchy Toy Snake

On the 1/3/17 (which is me and my mum’s birthday), my family and I were lingering for the clock to reach 3pm. When 3pm stroke, my family and I cycled on our red lustrous bikes to the bicycle race. Luckily we made it before the race started.

After the race started, my family got seclude by the robust wind. I was all unaided 4 miles away from the finish line.

As I was cycling, I saw a elongate stretchy toy snake then I had an idea. It was to bring my family together holding the elongated toy snake.

I cycled as brisk as I could that The Flash couldn’t catch me.Next,I saw my family one by one and everytime I see them,, I always tell them to hold the stretchy toy snake.

After that, the finish line was very tight but we won by the bend of the toy snake.


10 thoughts on “WK17: The Elongated Stretchy Toy Snake”

  1. Hi Fortune ? really good story fortune I like the way he found the toy. It probably was a very fun toy to play with well, I hope you make more good story’s like this. ?

  2. Hi fortune I like your story I like the way it was your mams birthday hope she had a good day keep up the good work excellent story.

  3. Hi Fortune.
    I liked your story because you used very nice words and all of it made sence.
    I hope that you and your mom had a great birthday.
    Thanks for commenting on my stories so much.
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  4. Hi Fortune,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    I love the word “elongated” – I might add that to our list of WOW words.
    It was a great idea to keep the family together and finish as a family. I’m glad your family won!
    Keep up the super work!

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


  5. hey fortune your story is really good I loved the part when you went cycling tadhg mrs Boyces class

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