WK16: The Hand Robots

Once, there was a amiable and crime free town called Napier. In the town, there were lots of ecstatic talking hands.

One day, a hand called Caleb made a hand robot that he could fit in it. The next day, Caleb used the robot to rule over Napier and he succeeded.

1 week later, Napier was eradicated. There was a destitute hand called Lincoln that had astute older twin sisters called Madeleine and Jasmine. Lincoln wanted to stop Caleb from making the town worse so his sisters made Lincoln a much robuster hand robot than Caleb’s.

The next day, Lincoln and Caleb battled in their hand robots near the Town’s square. First, they started to shoot missile at themselves then Lincoln stroke a jeopardous immense missile at Caleb. After that, Caleb’s robot fell into pieces, next, Lincoln said ” Surrender or you’ll meet your Doom!” then Caleb said ” Okay okay, I’ll surrender and I’ll go to jail for life”.

So it came to pass, Caleb went to jail for life and Lincoln got a statue of himself on the loftiest building in the town called Metropolis.

11 thoughts on “WK16: The Hand Robots”

  1. Hi Fortune O,
    I really liked your story because it was imaginative.
    It was fun reading your story. I really liked the fight.

  2. Wow fortune,
    That was a great story I like the way you added robots in it.
    tadhg mrs Boyces class

  3. Hello Fortune,
    I like your story because you used adjectives like jeopardous,
    Go comment on my story’s mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/tag/naglis
    Goodbye from Naglis
    Mrs Boyce’s Class??

  4. Hi Fortune
    I like your story because I love robots.
    You used great adjectives
    By for now
    From Danny
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.???

  5. Hi Fortune,
    I really enjoyed your story and I hope that you weren’t near the fight with the misiles or else youed be really hert
    please comment on our story’s
    From Liam A
    Mrs.Boyces class??❤

  6. Hi Fortune,
    Great story you have loads of vocabulary I loved the part when Caleb surrendered and I loved the phrase when Lincoln said Surrender or you’ll meet your Doom!

    Bye for now
    Mrs Boyce’s 3rd and 4th class

  7. Hi fortune
    great story . I really didn`t like Caleb I wonder why he wanted too take over Napier.

    From Joe?❤

  8. Hi Fortune,
    I really like your story because I like robots.
    Why was the town all crime.
    Bye for now .
    Dylan mrs Boyces class kanturk

  9. What an EPIC story Fortune! I think that Caleb deserved the prison sentence really. Although ruling over a town with a robot enforcer DOES sound very cool! Keep up the great work!

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