WK12: The Christmas Mission

Once, there lived a spy called Sportacus. He was skinny,astute and energetic. Sportacus had a mission to stop a villain called Rottenish from extincting Christmas. He was the opposite of Sportacus.

The next day, Sportacus blotched Rottenish’s white time machine that runs on battery. He went inside sceptically and he saw but by the time he came to the time machine, Rottenish teleported himself and Sportacus to the first Christmas Night.

After that, Rottenish was the first one out of the time machine so he ran as fast as he could so that Sportacus couldn’t catch him. Next, he tried to kill Mary and Joseph so that Mary couldn’t born Jesus but God shook lightning and fire on him then he fell to the ground.

Finally, Sportacus found Rottenish then he hurried back to the time machine and he teleported himself and Rottenish to the future. After that, Sportacus arrested Rottenish and he was never seen again. Then, Sportacus had a lovely sandwich to celebrate his victory over the mission.

8 thoughts on “WK12: The Christmas Mission”

  1. Hello Fortune,
    I like your story because you used lots of nice adjectives,
    I hope there won’t be another villain!
    Your sincerely Naglis
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  2. Hi Fortune
    I like the way that you include Mary ,Jesus,Joseph and God
    I love the words that you use
    By from Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please look at my 100 wc

  3. Hi Fortune I liked your story very much I like the bit when you arrested rottenish I hope you get a showcase hope you make very good story like this in the future

    Filip,real flip

  4. Hi Fortune,
    I enjoyed reading your story as always. Well done!
    I’m glad Sportacus was successful because I love Christmas. Another well-written story! Your challenge now is to try and write your story in 100 words.
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


  5. Hi Fortune,

    I enjoyed reading your story, I think that you made very imaginative use of the prompt words. I hope there won’t be another bad guy like Rottenish around in the future. Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee


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