WK10: The Treasure Chest

Last week in Waterford City, Joey,Ben,Cole & I were looking for a treasure chest, but our exasperating tricking antagonist called Thomas is looking for the treasure chest too.

We were walking down Navy Street looking for the treasure map, next we saw a digital treasure map and it told us where the treasure was.

After that, my friends and I were at the Antonia Cave where the treasure chest was. We had to face some traps but thankfully we subsisted.

After  the traps, we finally found the treasure chest. There were €100,000 in it then Thomas came along and tried to peculate the money but we ranaway. My friends and I wanted to hide the treasure from Thomas then Cole said     ” but where should we hide it all ?”, I said ” we shouldn’t hide it so that we should fissure the money at my house”. My friends acceded.

The next thing we did was to runaway from Thomas then go to my house and we did that, so that was the end of the treasure hunting.

5 thoughts on “WK10: The Treasure Chest”

  1. Hi Fortune
    I like the way that you are trying to find treasure
    It reminds me of a show I watched when I was 5
    By Matthew D
    Mrs Boyces class
    please checkout my 100 wc

  2. Hey Fortune this was s a amazing story I like the bit when you find the treasure I hope you will make more story’s like this.

    Real flip,filip mrrussellsclass 5th

  3. Well done on your writing Fortune.
    It isn’t easy to write a story in only 100 words but you managed very well.
    I really like some of the vocabulary you chose, especially “our exasperating tricking antagonist”. I’m glad that Thomas was foiled and vanquished in the end.
    Looking forward to reading your writing in the future, even if Thomas is involved.
    Keep up the good work !

    Shane, Teacher
    Dublin, Ireland
    (Team 100)

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