9/11 by niall

A boy called David was in bed in September 10th 2001 he was having a dream that planes would fly into the World Trade Centre.When he woke up in the morning he needed to warn someone.When no one believed him he went to down town Manhattan he saw an American Airlines flight 11 hitting the World Trade Centre. Everyone was screaming and crying After that another plane hit the South Tower. Later on the South Tower collapsed. People couldn’t believe it. Then the North Tower collapsed, loads of steel and glass were all over the street it was the worst day in American history.

3 thoughts on “9/11 by niall”

  1. Hi Niall,
    This is a very well written piece you have written this week.
    How awful that nobody believed David. It must have been horrid to watch your dream / nightmare come true!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. What a chilling dream to have, Niall. And how sad that it came true. It was a very bad day for everyone around the world, but especially the people of New York. Great story, well done!

  3. If only someone had been able to warn of that now historic attack on the Work Trade Centre, it wouldn’t be remembered as such a sad day around the world. Well done on your story and it shows your definitely learning your history.

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