Wk17: The snake I hated but now I eat.

Once upon a time lived a race of red snakes that tasted nice. I would hunt them for my soup. I would eat them for my tastebuds, I would swallow them whole too. It just had this taste to it that made me happy. But before when I was young, I HATED IT. Any time they are in your house they cycled around your clock, it made it really slimy. They could possibly even eat your food. And foods really important so stay away from these red snakes unless you eat them. I opened a shop about these red snakes, come to it.

2 thoughts on “Wk17: The snake I hated but now I eat.”

  1. Hi Excel,
    Yuck!!! I can’t imagine tasting or even holding a snake. The thought makes me shudder.
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kimball Team 100
    A.E.Wright Middle School
    Calabasas, CA USA

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