WK11: Statue Run

One day me and my friends Billy, Ryan and Gordon were all playing a game of hide and seek in the park.  First Gordon was on, when I was all settled down in my hiding space behind the tree I saw something mysterious looking  it was a statue but it was moving, it talked to me and it knew my name I was terrified.   As I ran away I thought what could this monster do.  I ran to my friends and said there is a monster in the park.  We rang the police as it slowly approached us ,   when the police came all I saw was a statue.

3 thoughts on “WK11: Statue Run”

  1. Hi Ben I wonder did the police do something or the park owners.?
    Did you leave and run away.

    Bye Adam Mrs Boyce 100wc.

  2. Hi Ben. I like the way it perfectly fits the prompt and I really like way its really mysterious and I wonder what happened to the statue monster well done From Peter

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