Wk6 Freak accident or murder

  • Hi I’m Caoilan with galaxy news.Today we have a story.24 year old Davi Davidson was found dead in a pond yestady October 18th.Some say it was a skydiving accident but will sky diving give stab wounds.Davi Davidson may have been stabbed or after falling into the pond he hit something sharp.Davi Davidson’s family is devistated.Apperantly Davi Davidson was scanned to find two 45 caliber rounds in his skull.It has been confirmed that Davi Davidson was murderd. Chief of police Davi’s uncle Jones Davidson ran a fingerprint scan.The murderer was Davi’s mother Rebeca Davidson.Rebeca was recently arrested after holding up in her house.Galaxy news signing off.

2 thoughts on “Wk6 Freak accident or murder”

  1. Hi Caoilan loved your story so much the best thing is getting the murderer I can’t believe it was his mam well done ? great story

    -josh mrrussell.100wc.net

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