Once a princess had a brush

Once a pincess had a brush .his name was sir poo sa lot .him and princess and him lived in a small village called stupid town .hers why .thers a depest wizzard . And a dragon called Jim bobbly biscuit. And chubby pig ?called josh and he’s lonely ? so there’ the time of year where everyone gets together so at 6 o clock so we eat dinner josh said where’s my desert .the dragon so a crew was in war they tried to sneak in the plan was nearly ready they went true the gates that’s when the night comes in he took out his toilet roll so what lies ahead

2 thoughts on “Once a princess had a brush”

  1. wow roy i loved the way that josh was called a big fat lonley pig. i wish josh heard that.anyway from benjamin

  2. I like your story because it was a fairy tale but always check your story if it make sense.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

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