The 5 ninjas by Shane

Once apon a time ┬áthere were 5 ninjas in New York night they were chasing 2 guys in masks with knives but it turns out the 2 guys were leading them to a criminal base.In the base they were working on a nuclear bomb to blow up superhero base but a spider crawled into a jar of nuclear waste.You know if something touches this kind of nuclear waste it will become 20 times its size.So that night the spider was climbing trough a crack in a wall and POOF!! It was 20 times it’s size.The next day the criminals found the spider and covered it in nuclear waste so they could take over the world HA HA HA

5 thoughts on “The 5 ninjas by Shane”

  1. Oh dear Shane – I don’t like the sound of these criminals taking over the world.
    You’ve used the prompt well – Well done!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mts Boyce

  2. Hi Shane,
    I liked your story because the ninjas were so good in your story.
    You used your prompt really well.
    That story reminds me of Home Alone.

    Ms Brennock

  3. Hi Shane,
    I loved your story it’s a master piece.
    It is so good it reminds me of a cool movie, called Home Alone.

  4. Lots of dastardly villains around in the 100wc stories this week! Those criminals sound like they’re quite smart – a giant, radioactive spider… what a cool way to take over the world, Shane! Well done and keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Shane. I really wasn’t expecting that twist at the end of your story. I thought the spider was going to save the day! I hope those Ninjas came to the rescue. You might write a part 2 and let us know!

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