jhon,s best dayn Arthur

One day Jhon was going to woorck his boss cald him and told him he.He had to mend steel after mending steel it was lunch time he had cartos fowr lunch when hegot home he toock off his mauve.Jacket.under his pillo there was a $199 he was so happy.Jhon went to the shop and baught 2 arsnl jursy it cost hip $44 each.he went to the hospaital to visit his nany the hospaital was 9km away he drove it toock him 39 mins when he got there.he was so happy when he got there he went up to the 5th flor and he met his nanny and they lived happly ever after.

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  1. I like the fact that John bought an Arsenal jersey, Arthur! I’m glad that John and his nanny were able to live happily ever after. Good effort this week, well done!

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