The graveyard adventure by Shane

One summers night ,there were these three boys having a sleepover. The city that they all live in is called Sure city and legend says that every night in a graveyard near where the boys live,the ghosts of the people that have died come to life.So that night the boys all went out at 2:30 am, they headed for the graveyard and watched as the graves began to open up. Out came the ghosts and as the boys hid they watched them all head out the graveyard gate and down the road. The boys followed them as ¬†they wandered around the neighbourhood, they looked like they were going somewhere, but where were they going?… to be continued!

8 thoughts on “The graveyard adventure by Shane”

  1. Hi Shane .
    Great story .
    I would like to go camping like that.
    But on the other hand I wouldn’t like going to the grave.
    By Bryan Mrs Boyces class Kanturk Cork

  2. Hi Shane
    Really good story,
    I would be terrified to go to a graveyard at night,
    I wonder where the ghosts were going?
    By Calum
    Mrs.Boyces Class

  3. Hi Shane,
    I really enjoyed your story.
    I would love to go camping but I’d probably feel cold.
    How did your friends feel about the graveyard?.
    Dylan K

  4. Hey Shane good story you got there. But I have one question though. Where did the ghosts go when they left the graveyard? Gary Mrs Boyce 6th.

  5. I think that I’d be staying well away from that graveyard, Shane!!! But my curiosity gets the better of me, so I’d really like to know where they were going… both to know where they were going and to make sure that they weren’t coming near me! Keep up the good writing!

  6. Well done Shane, you’ve done a great job this week. Your story is spooky and I don’t like the sound of the sleepover in your story! I would never do that and I’d have run away if I saw a grave opening up!
    Great spooky writing!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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