CATCHING LUGIA a Pokemon story by Brian

Hi,my name is Brian I am training to become a pokemon master, I have three pokemon. Charmeleon, Eevee and scyther. Now I am going to a pokemon gym[a place where you battle pokemon]  to try and get a gym badge! So now i’ll teach them some attacks and moves to learn,now I’m going to the gym.But now they are all running away on me and I thought where were they going, so I followed them and they led me to a legendary pokemon Lugia! So I said Charmeleon go! The battle was great and we won and I captured it. And then Charmeleon evolved into CHARIZARD!!!!!!!                                 THE END

5 thoughts on “CATCHING LUGIA a Pokemon story by Brian”

  1. Well Brian it sounds like you’re going to “catch them all”!!!! I’m sure you were delighted to capture a Lugia – I hear they’re very hard to get! Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Brian Just saying Pokemon Go© has this sign:© so watch out! and anyways REALLY GOOD Especially when you catched Lugia and Charmeleon evolved into Charizard Anyways what happened to scyther? Keep the work good! #Maksim2k16November13th

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