Wk 4 “battle of the Mediterranean “

*The admiral looked through his binoculars* a navy troop ran up to him. “Sir what are those planes with big  meatballs on them””   there not belonging to us” BANG  bombs flying everywhere. BANG . This was the start of the battle of Mediterranean.* News playing* “December  the 7th a day live in infamy” japan has attacked Pearl Harbor in  Hawaii” that was the voice of Franklin Roosevelt speaking the the United States of America about dec 7th  1941. on board USS Missouri. Japanese carrier  advanced to the Philippines. turned back. PING a kamikaze hit the front of thr USS Missouri.  the navy brought it back to pearl harbor to this day.


Week4: Apollo 11

NASA is sending a brand new rocket to the moon they tested it for years. NASA called this mission Apollo 11 everything was safe. “We are ready to take off “ and so they did everything went smoothly with the take off. Three days later they heard the news “we touched were on the moon. Those words made every one happy. A day later NASA  heard bad  news that the rocket would not take off. Over in NASA they had an argument they said  to use emergency launch the pilot yelled “I can’t “. When it would not take off when NASA sent an emergency rocket but when they got there the people weren’t alive

Week 4 Gab and the Aerplane game

It was a horrible Sunday for Gab.Gab was playing FORTNITE in his room with his friends.When suddenly his internet turn off he rage with anger.And went to his mom room And said”WHERE IS THE INTERNET!”.His mom said to calm down And said”I turn off the internet so you can try this game out.It was a aerplane game Gab try it out. Gab was getting more mad because the game didn’t let him take off but when it just wouldn’t take off .Gab got more anger he mom was laughing because it was a fake game The End.