Week 4 Leon’s Story

Long long ago in America there was a meeting from the Man United football team people from Ireland were getting flights over to America  the people people of Ireland where so excited about one thousand people started getting on the planes so they could meet the man United football team one plane one plane would not move so the pilot really tried and tried when it just wouldn’t take off it took off

Week 4: Jimmy and Timmy

Jimmy was a nice 9 year old whiwas helpful and genourous.He went to saint Ashley’s school,one day his mam asked him to go to get bread in the local supermarket,while on his journey he met his friend Timmy. They walked with each other when they arrived they saw a break in.when the police arrived all they saw were Timmy and Jimmy.the police brought them to juvenile for 3 years Jimmy and Timmy were sick of it so they decided to make an aeroplane 1 year passed.It was finished they done it that night when it wouldn’t take off the were so annoyed and were kept in prison for 3 more years.

Week4 ground control to Major Tom

5,4,3,2,1.Blast off.Major Tom was now on his way to space.He is feeling nervous because in space if something happens no one can hear you scream .Finnaly he reaches his destination,the moon then exits the ship to explore the strange world.While exploring he finds some unfamiliar footsteps.Suddenly he notices a strange little figure following him.He turns back to confront him but realise’s he is not friendly.Major Tom decides to return to the ship and start the rocket to return home when it just wouldn’t take off.The last contact ground control has with Major Tom are screams.

Week4 the magic drone

One day billy was at the store he saw the coolest drone so asked his mom if he could get it his mom said yes.So they rushed home billy was so excited he ripped open the box and put it in his garden he tried to make it fly when it just wouldn’t take off. So he checked every thing . Then he had an idea he put his firework rocket to the drone and lit the rocket and it went flying up into the sky and then he swapped to the control and it flew into the night sky

Week 4 the forest chase

The guy was right behind him.Panthing heavily.He just kept running but suddenly.He was out he was in clear sight he ran to the air balloon he was just behind him.The shovel covered in blood.He tried to get away in the air balloon.He was scared when it just wouldn’t take off.Coming up right behind him was a serial killer.He grabbed on to the air balloon climbing in slowly.But he took the guy by the head.He was so scared but without thinking he kicked him off he fell lying their in pain.He shouted ill get you.So all he knew was he was safe he got home and Went to bed under their was the serial killer.

Week 4:Farty Fred

One day a man called Fred wanted to build a rocket but was to dumb to do it.But his friend works For NASA Fred’s friend really want to help but he can’t or he’ll get in trouble.So Fred done the unthinkable he made himself into a rocket,they called him “Farty Fred” also Fred is 9 foot tall.Fred said he would power himself with farts.He was launching in five four three two one when it just wouldn’t take off they scared him so much he farted four thousand times and 80% of the population died.

Week 4 Jim bobs rocket project

One really boring day at school Jim bob and his class were doing some kind of rocket contest to see who could build the best rocket. And the most annoying person in the class Betty Jefferson shouted I’m going to win! And laughed like a dying mountain goat. As soon as Jim bob got home he started to make his rocket and when it was finished it had five engines! Then the contest started and every one got ready to launch their rockets. And everyone’s rockets launched really high but Jim bobs didn’t and he pressed the button again and when it just wouldn’t take of… it launched and he won the end