Week 2:

Once there was to kids called Sam and Carl.They lived in a small town called Powerville.One stormy night Carl rang Sam,they talked about the storm for a while,then everything stopped and a big flash of thunder struck beside Sam’s house.Carl ran over to Sam’s house he saw the mark on the ground and asked Sam what happened.Sam told Carl and he was scared,this never happened before Carl turned around and saw a tall figure standing in front of him Carl ran and ran suddenly he fell.

Week 2 – The Ambush on the Swamp

Ratchet and his brother Salamander were fighting on the side of the Light Bearer.They were fighting against the side of the Death Bringer.Ratchet was small,thin and smart.Salamander was big,tall and strong.Ratchet wielded his machetes and cut into an orc.A Necromancer jumped on him and took him to the ground.Then everything stopped and the world went black.Salamander,on the other hand was wrestling with a Necromancer while an orc punched him over and over.Ratchet got up and ran towards Salamander. “Salamder!”he shouted.He rushed through the battle and got to his dying brother’s side.”Salamander please.”His brother looked at him.Then he said simply.”Avenge me.”