Week 1 – Where’s Me Soccer Boots!

One Tuesday wojtek looked for his soccer boots but he could not find for his soccer match. so he kept looking for them .Then he tried remember the last time he put them but he could not remember.He thought he found them but it was only a tissue.His boots were under a bag but he did’nt know.He had every thing ready but his boots.He looked and looked he did not find them.Wojtek looked in his room and his brothers room in the kitchen and the siting room. In the end wojtek found them under a bag.

Week 1 – The Dark Towel

One day tim Washington was meeting up with his freind jack . jack came and was holding a very tattered towel? Wow I’m the narrator and even I’m confused. He handed the towel over to Tim he was very confused as well. Tim looked behind himself and turned to look at jack…Jack had vanished and Tim ran in fear and two weeks later Tim had died nobody knows how and that is the story of the dark towel

Week 1 – Framed

Once in 2429 Jim and Bill (the robots)were just hovering along and suddenly two FBI agents started talking to them on hologram mode and told them to stay where they are,and so they did they waited for two hours and then they got hungry and ordered dominos pizza and then the FBI agents took them to jail but what did they do nothing there arch enemy’s billy and jimmy framed them for robbing mc Donald’s Jim and Bill decided that they would break out and so they did and they finished there dominoes but the FBI agents knew that they would break out so they covered them in quick dry cement while Jim was giving Bill the last napkin