WK16: Caught Red Handed

The waterford times    Caught red handed.  Last night  a dangerous robber robbed  hallmark jewellery shop.  The shop was closing one of the shop  workers were locking the doors ,when a hand grabbed her from behind and pushed her in . She couldn’t see his face as he wore a mask he had a gun a toy gun but the worker didnt know the difference .The robber tied up the worker as he was stealing the Jewellery but she managed to press the alarm the police came in a flash.The police caught the robber  red handed thanks to workers quick thinking he is behind bars now where he belongs.

WK16: The Ugly Hand

Once there was a hand so ugly And creepy that God didn’t even accept it to this world! But it’s journey was to become beautiful like me. So the Ugly creature had a human face with big lips and the creature was very frightening. So it’s journey was to find the magical youth fountain drink it like a slurpee.Then find the Ugly downanator use it you will look beautiful right what day was the downside if you couldn’t make it before sunrise then you would look ugly forever so when got to the fountain the ghoul realised he turned even UGLYEIR! He then realised he went to the fountain of UGLYNEISS!

WK16: The Hand That Waved Goodbye

I first spotted it on a building one night and it was moving just slightly and I was terrified  so I told the news reporter I said it looked more or less like a hand, an evil hand.   They didn’t believe me.   So I researched this monster myself and I found out it was from Mars.   Since I saw this creature I always had the feeling that it was going to take over the world and I was right.   I tried to stop him but it is just to powerful  and as the sun starts to rise the hand waved goodbye and disintegrated and was nowhere to be seen.

WK16: The Hand Robots

Once, there was a amiable and crime free town called Napier. In the town, there were lots of ecstatic talking hands.

One day, a hand called Caleb made a hand robot that he could fit in it. The next day, Caleb used the robot to rule over Napier and he succeeded.

1 week later, Napier was eradicated. There was a destitute hand called Lincoln that had astute older twin sisters called Madeleine and Jasmine. Lincoln wanted to stop Caleb from making the town worse so his sisters made Lincoln a much robuster hand robot than Caleb’s.

The next day, Lincoln and Caleb battled in their hand robots near the Town’s square. First, they started to shoot missile at themselves then Lincoln stroke a jeopardous immense missile at Caleb. After that, Caleb’s robot fell into pieces, next, Lincoln said ” Surrender or you’ll meet your Doom!” then Caleb said ” Okay okay, I’ll surrender and I’ll go to jail for life”.

So it came to pass, Caleb went to jail for life and Lincoln got a statue of himself on the loftiest building in the town called Metropolis.

Luke becoming a Jedi

In the beginning of Star Wars Luke wanted to become a Jedi like his father. One day when Luke dad said to him I will be back in a while so then his father went off and left his son in the house with his mam .   Then Luke could sleep because he missed his father . And when his mam  herd that Luke’s father killed by the empire shot his father Luke was crying for a long  time  . But then Luke said once I will become a Jedi like my father. So then Luke got signed in for Jedi training and when Luke went in on his first day small little yoga was going to train them and then Luke went on training for the rest of his life .

WK:15 The crystal collector

In the beginning Mia hated crystal now she loves them it was on her birthday she got a present from her mother and father it was collection box she had to collect crystals she loved it. The next day she went to the cave beside her house  she saw lots of crystal like amyethsts jaspers and pearls in the cave water she collected them she saw a diamond a pink diamond she was so happy.

WK:15The Fortnite umbrella journey

In the beginning myself running getting out of the circle grasping for a medkit for health.Third circle others building forts and the I finally decided to try to get high ground five left some people had snipers so I had to be extra careful then I decided to sneak up for an easy kill.The guy had very good loot so I took it all.Three people left.I quickly ran to my fort and built higher till I coul see you people I kilt a guy then I got shot at so I then shot a rocket then knocked two people and won the umbrella.

Dairy of the cool kid

There was this cool kid he has the 2 nicest brothers and a nice mum  and dad . He was soooooo popular in school. Everyone  liked him it was coming up to hallawen he was with is friend chase they were planning to go trick or treating with the gang at school and they plannning to through the devils park so chase said “I think we should not  be here in the night” a bird went through a  tree cool kid screamed “AaaaHAAA” said  cool kid in the beginning a cool kid he was not scared up to now



Wk 15 The evel baby

In the beginning this was a normal baby but after eating nuclear baby food he had a terrible transformation he was green he was enormous . Ther was a hero who had been watching waiting for a worthy of fighting he burst through the broken window and saved the mother.The next thing he did was fight the enormous baby who had bottle. He was inger but he would not give up and finely he won and the baby whent back to normal the mother was delighted to get her son back.

Wk15: the association

Before you think it’s JFK your wrong . Now the association is about an  young man. He’s name is John there’s is a present of United States of America . He had a row with the president . Because John wanted proper  houses instead of thes old barn houses. But they looked nice. But they don’t keep out the rain, they planned the assassination to kill him when  he go down the road for the pared . So cut throw the crowd , and hop over the fence, and blend in with the road , with a camouflage suit . The day we’re on the road I’m crawling through the road hers my move ., he’s dead I ran into the crowd and home to hide ., mission complete

Week15 Evolution

In the beginning of the Earth it wasn’t like it was today. It was just a big rock floating around space. Not even any form of life at all. A couple million years later you can see bacteria but that’s it . A couple more million years later water creatures roamed the ocean. Millions more years later you can see reptiles and then came the dinosaurs. They got knocked out by the asteroid. Then came monkeys they were the smartest animal at the time . Now there are humans we changed the world completely and now were here

Wk15:The ugly couple.

In the beginning there was a man called arbs and there was a women called roses.They were a couple when they first meet,and they were always together.They lived in a tower and arbs went to the market to get food for dinner.Rosses was all alone at home she was wearing makeup They when she washed it off she had a ugly nose with pimples on her cheeks and she looked like a goat.When arbs came back from the market arbs looked at rosses at He screamed ‘your so ugly were over’he just out a window and fell into a swamp with crocodiles and he got eaten alive they lived happy ever after.

WK15: The big bang

It was a normal day but they hadn’t  even been invented yet. In the beginning, there was the Big Bang. It invented stars, galaxies, and the universe, 14 billion years ago. Just a few billion years ago, the Earth was finally born. Volcanic eruptions caused gases to escape, and form the atmosphere. Secondly, along came the dinosaurs. They were fierce, very very loud, and huge. It lasted for a long time, but then they all died. A couple of million years later, humans were born. Ever since, humans have been running the system, but who ever knows when we will perish.

Wk 15 The day the monkey got hair!

Once upon a time there was a monkey that had no hair! Thank god he had a diaper on nobody wanted to see that. The next day the monkey somehow had hair! Aparently he broke into a labotery and got a hair serum… but in the begginning the monkey had no hair. The monkeys name is Monkey Mark. Later in the day the monkey signed to be a teacher. After a couple of days the monkey was walking back home and then suddenly all the hair fell off. Apparently  the serum works for a few days. Hope he had a diaper on!

WK15 The strange boy called Dean

Once there was a boy Dean who’s alwayls dreamed about going to never land  but in the beginning it wasn’t just an ordinary boy.But he didn’t know it because in every dream he was perfect peter in never land.Every single night for 3 months he had the eggsact same dream  but when he woke up he was jumping around.So he got his friend jombibidy bob to watch him all night but jombibidy bob could fall asleep so he brought his other friend Jack. But mysteriesly he flew out his window and his friends went looking for him it was a surprise they met Peter Pan  soon they seen.Dean so they new it was him they’re told him the next day and his dream came threw so he was ok and lived happily ever after the End.

Wk15: North Korea

In the beginning of Korea was terror. A lot of fighting was going on there. The north part of Korea wanted to separate. So they had a Civil War. I went on from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. The leaders of the war each wanted to win, but the South Koreans made an agreement North Korea had well North Korea and south had south of course. But North Korea is mean there dictators were a family race called THE GODLY KIMS. Everyone knows KIM-JONG-UN. That guy is a bully that kills people for watching tv that comes from ANY continent. Pure evil. Don’t go there.

WK:15 The exciting football match

Once upon a time there was a boy on a football team and he always lost his matches.So one day he was going vs a team and it was called the coool dudes and they won every match they played but after while they played vs the boys team and in the beginning.The boys team gaddered up and we’re planning how they are going to play so the whistle blew and the boys took the kick off then the boy ran up the pitch with the ball.Then he kept running  to the goal and scores a goal!!.Then the cool dudes took the kick off and they every single person to the goal and they scored a goal and on the last second the boys team scored another goal!!!.

WK:15 The night of the living dummy and demons

In the beginning a little boy called Roland was being picked on every day just because he had teeth that looked like sticks. So one day he got tired and just left school and never retuned. He decided to creat a book full of monsters and demons with scary names to frighten people. He started to create at the time of Halloween the first monster was a living dummy. The dummy was to watch you over the night and not move an eye. And he wrote about many other demons and monsters. So one day the monsters jumped out of the book and tried to invade the world and Roland was shocked and used the power of the book and sucked them back inside but slappy escaped.

Wk15 the little caveboy who could

There once was a caveboy named Daniel.In the beginning of Daniels life he saw lots of dinosaurs everywhere.Daniel always wanted to tame a dinosaur but Daniels parents told him he couldn’t.Daniel tried everything he tried feeding them.Daniel tried shouting at them.Even though Daniel tried and tried he could never tame a big dinosaur.So one day Daniel tried a much smaller dinosaur.Daniel gave the dinosaur the fish he caught for his dinner.Daniel and his dinosaur went everywhere together.One day Daniel went outside and his dinosaur was giant.Daniel loved his dinosaur even more.one day Daniel went outside and his little well big dinosaur was dead Daniel cried everyday for two weeks straight.

WK15 Why people like Star Wars

Warning this story contains spoilers for Star Wars. Star Wars is a triligy with well none characters like darth Vader and Luke sky walker and a well none droid R2 D2 and c3po.Star Wars has 8 movies the most watched is Star Wars a new hope when Luke meets yoda. Yoda   trains Luke he told Luke there is no try there is do.And Star Wars Jedi and dark lords have the force and lightsabers. And there was clone wars and revenge of the sith but they are all the old movies today we have force awakens and last Jedi where we meet Rey Finn and Poe. Poe is famous for his droid bb8 a bb unit just like bb9e.And may the force be with you always . And in the beginning was phantom menace

Wk15 I Am Mad at you Oh

In the beginning of Christmas Eve I went out to to get present for my family but the only thing I could noctice is the homeless people .I was really sad so I made a company to help the homeless from the cold and the people who don’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with .I went to towns looking for homeless people I found hundreds of homeless people but in the distance. I so a homeless person getting pushed around I ran to help Her i push the guy away and I brought her to the shelter and we all celebrate Christmas together.

.W15. Benny and the Red Bear.

In the beginning there was a dog called Benny and he was 6 months old Benny was just walking until he saw a red bear Ruff Ruff went Benny licking the bear. So having fun hi my name is max and I’m a red bear do you want to be my pet Ruff Ruff ok you are I will get you dog food here Benny let’s go and get dog food. Let’s go Benny you found it good boy I have a treat here you go it’s a biscuit bone Ruff Ruff  catch good one Benny ok you go to bed now this is where your sleeping good night max Ruff Ruff that’s the end of the story Benny and the red bear the end.

Wk 15: The mystery tube

Once there was a boy called ‘Boy’. Anyway boy was a adventurous young boy. One day Boy found a huge tube leading to a building, he decided to climb inside. In the beginning of the tube he saw cobwebs, later on in the tube Boy saw toys. Soon he reached the end where there was a door, it was open he went inside and so lots and lots of money Boys dream of being rich had come true. He went home and told his mam, she was so happy and they decided to buy a new home for the family.

WK15: Order 55

In the beginning we see order 55 in action there in battle against aliens. The aliens are tring to take over earth . I am the leader of order 55  my name is Joshdagon. My mission is to send the aliens back to were they came from. It was noon the weapons were full if slime and we were ready to go. It was a fierce battle, order 55 won the battle and the aliens lost the fight and returned to there home based. However, when I returned to my home base my mother nearly killed me for having slime all over my clothes

WK15: Finn The Peace Winner

In the beginning of the world, there were 2 ornery countries that always fight since the beginning of time. I’m going to tell you a story about Finn The Peace Winner. By the way, Penecus and Genoc were the 2 countries.

There was a astute,fearful boy named Finn that lived between the battle of Penecus and Genoc. Finn was fed up of the battle because all the ammunitions that Penecus and Genoc fight with,it blow up people in Finn’s destitute country called Finsland.

Finn had a plan to stop the battle but the plan failed. The next plan he tried was brilliant but it made the battle worse.

The 3rd and final plan Finn tried was to bring the presidents together and it wasn’t easy but they eventually agreed to come. First, they started to quibble then Finn sang a peasful song ( get it ) called A Song Of Peace next, they somehow became friends. It came to a point where they had to sign a contract that Penecus and Genoc will never fight again.

After that, the feast was over and Finn was very ecstatic that Penecus’s president and Genoc’s  president are friends now.

WK15: Time Travel

In the beginning there was darkness it was silent. BANG CRASH. I woke up confused, what was going on. There was a flashing object. I thought it was a U F O but obviously it was not. ”I am just being silly”. I looked closer I cannot believe it is a time travel device. I took it back inside I did not know what to do. I screamed because I was getting sucked into a different dimension. Where am I. I am in 2005 and in Istanbul. OH I have a ticket to a football match it was he champions league final my team Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties

WK15: The Mythical Moment

This sunny day here where I live . Wait wait wait a minuite!!!      1/12 hours earlier in the beginning me and my friends were just walking on the street normal typical  day wait till I tell you this this is what happens walking on a footpath next minuite . Cracks came trough the ground smoke appeared . Frightening noises to . And you won’t believe what I tell you next . Wind came knocked me and my friend off the ground . A scary figure appeared I blinked it was gone and was never to be seen again . The wind stopped the cracks disappear . The smoke was gone we dropped to the floor and me and my friend were ok and soon wend home and went on with our day

WK15: My Little Story

In the beginning I was just a little baby.  Ever since then I have been on a learning journey.  On this journey I have learnt to crawl,walk, talk, feed myself and  learnt to use the toilet by myself.  I will always remember  the first time I rode a bike with no stabilizers.  My dad was helping me at first but when I glanced back at him I was freely riding and I felt just great.  And I am still learning now in Mr. Russell’s class, and this all started in the beginning.

WK15: The Shapeshifter

In the beginning there was a boy called Joe and Joe hated dogs you will see why later. Joe wasn’t ordinary Joe had superpowers his superpowers were he could shapeshift into anything he wanted to. But one day he shapeshifted into a dog and couldn’t get out of it. The owners of the dog realized there dog was acting weird. So they brought him to the vet. The vet said it was not a dog inside it something had got into it. But just then the dog spelled out”I am Joe”. So the vet did some sort of spell and then Joe popped out of the dog. Joe never shapeshifted again.