WK:The Time Machine

One day in 4272 a scientist was testing a time machine. It was dangerous but he had to do it. He went back to 1209. He made it to England. Although he didn’t know it there was a snake behind him. The snake killed him. A man in the town picked up the time machine. He went to England in 2017. He saw a bike but before he cycled to a big clock he saw a red hat on the ground. He went and grabbed it and put it on he went to the clock but fell. The  time machine broke,he tried to go home but died in the process

Wk17 The purple snake.?

Once there was a man in Springfield he’s best friend is Bart . His name is fart and he a girlfriend but she was not the type that normal people will go for, she got a purple snake but she wanted a red one . For her birthday she was depressed so she went off on journey to find , a red snake. She cycled up the mountains and she found a blue green and even a orange snake but not a red one . She saw a red light and her eyes sparkled up and then fart and bart said stop before the clock thinks our else she was gone what happened next …….

WK17 The red eyed snake

Once there was a snake a very sneaky snake with red eyes!The snakes name was sneaky peat   peat was a robber  he always robbed  and timed him self on the big clock that he brought around with him and every time he had a bike he cycled away on it.But before he tried to rob a house boy that was left at home with his sister the boy was a rabbit and his sister was a fish I know fish’s need water to breath but she was different.She planned traps so she did when peat tried to break in he got stuck in a trap and were put in jail and never seen again.

Wk17: The snake I hated but now I eat.

Once upon a time lived a race of red snakes that tasted nice. I would hunt them for my soup. I would eat them for my tastebuds, I would swallow them whole too. It just had this taste to it that made me happy. But before when I was young, I HATED IT. Any time they are in your house they cycled around your clock, it made it really slimy. They could possibly even eat your food. And foods really important so stay away from these red snakes unless you eat them. I opened a shop about these red snakes, come to it.

Wk17 Demonic spirit and santanic court get out

Suddenly  a women called Stella walk in and looked at a red clock out of the blue Stella so her son in a snake coustume. She creamed and said santanic court who this ojo your son it’s a lie oh said Stella she cycled to church and  said this idiot has killed oh she went home and brought a bible and a belt with her. She hit him then said demonic spirit santanic court she stared praying oh my god forgives this boy she did one big hit to him he got knock out five hours later before he did anything his mom slap him again.

WK17 The mans dream which is not a dream

One day someone found a snake he was red but that snake could talk but then the man went home and thought wow I must be dreaming. He got home and his clock was acting all weird it had letters instead of numbers .  The  man outside had cycled to work but he never walks or cycles he uses his car. But  anyway before he met the snake he heard his grandfather say “reach out” but he was watching a film a good series but it was strange and he fell asleep and started to dream but it wasn’t a dream . But  he could move stuff without using his hand sound familiar.

Wk:17 Red and his new friend

Red is a boy of 10 years old.Red cycled to school every day.Before Red finished his breakfast he looked at the clock.Red was LATE.Red hoped on his bike an cycled as fast as he could.Suddenly Red had to stop there was a baby snake on the road.Red loved snakes.The little snake did a toung flicker to say to Red mommy?Red took up the snake and help it in his arms.Red rushed home to show his mom.Red’s mom loved it as soon as she saw it.Red got to stay home to help take care of the snake.The next day Red went to school he told all his friends.But no one   Believed him.

WK 17: The guy who needed to get to work.

Once there was a guy who really needed to get to work. He woke up and saw that it was ten minutes before his work started.

He got dressed ran down stairs took a piece of bread and left. He cycled down the road, but then a big red snake came out of nowhere he jump of his bike and ran.

The clock was ticking he had only two minutes left. He rushed and rushed and rushed, he eventually made it with ten seconds left. He ran up to his office and there was his boss waiting for him there.

WK17:Ojo the Idiot

One day me and my friend Ojo where hanging around in his house.We were getting ready for a party.But there was a downside Ojo was dumb and he did’nt have fashion sense he wore red with black.It was nearly nine o’ clock in the evening and Ojo said “Aaa where are we going again?”he said next I said “JESU USE YOUR BRAIN IDIOTIC BABY IGUANA!”So then I decided that I should lie to Ojo and tell him there is no party!So I cycled to the place.”HA the Idiot Ojo Is to DUMB for ME”I said before seeing someone actting like a snake behind me.The  person said “BABY IGUANA HUH SHUT OF YOUR FAT MOUTH IDIOTIC MONGOOSE”.Then I said “Aaa your so dumb YOU CLIMBED MOUTAIN DEW idiot”Then he dissapeared…..

Snake eyes

Saturday morning I cycled into the local pet shop. I liked to go to see all the aminals especially the snakes. At the back of the shop under the big clock was the deadly red eyed snake, the pet shop owner was cleaning out his cage, I was delighted to watch. When the owner went to put back the snake he was gone. I turned and ran out of the shop and peddled home like a bat out of hell I was so relieved and then I found out he was on the back of my bike i jumped and threw him off


wk17: the awesome snake.

once upon a time there was a snake called kerry he was a red snake it was 9:00 o clock before he went to the shop .he got his bag he cycled there so he got milk a fudge bar and a sweets . now lets go homelets watch a film oh lets watch jurassic park 3 .ok this is fun ok its over yeahhh that was the awesomest film in the world. ok  lets go to bed ok i going to go a sleep ok letsplay blackops 3 on ps4. Thats cool im going to sleep now night night thats the end enjoy .

Wk:17 Mr. Sneaky Snake

“Officer this is a major crime scene and it all started when I was in the shop and I bough a beautiful red clock but when I got home it was a disaster I couldn’t find any batteries to make my clock work, so I went off to find some batteries but I had no luck.   When I came back to the clock it was gone before I could look around the house for clues I heard a hiss coming from the living room.  I walk in and see a snake coiled  around my clock trying to make a get away and that’s why I cycled here to report this crime.

Wk17 the friendly snake

Long ago before there was any laptops or you could even spray paint your cars colours like red ,green and pink actually there wasn’t any cars. There were big snakes that would go around hunting there prey. But one day there was a boy called James who was cycling and let me tell you a fun fact about James.He would always carry around a pocket watch he got from his grandad because they never had a clock. Anyway when James was cycling his bike the snake struck and James fell off his bike. But when James got up he couldn’t find his pocket watch. Just then the snake came over and gave him back his pocket watch.

WK17 The Human Snake!?!

Well just a week ago, a snake escaped from its owner, the snake got out of a clock-shaped cage, which looked imposible to escape. Anyway this snake was no ordinary snake… *DRAMATIC MUSIC*….It is a….. talking snake.*DRAMATIC MUSIC OFF*. One day the same snake went into a lab and bumped a red potion that said *HUMAN POTION*. It looked like rat blood so the snake drank it and became, a human. And before that the snake got in the lab through the vents. The snake started to go to school. He cycled to school everyday. Well ssssssssssssee ya *SAID IN A SAKE VOICE*. But what will happen next?

WK17: The Elongated Stretchy Toy Snake

On the 1/3/17 (which is me and my mum’s birthday), my family and I were lingering for the clock to reach 3pm. When 3pm stroke, my family and I cycled on our red lustrous bikes to the bicycle race. Luckily we made it before the race started.

After the race started, my family got seclude by the robust wind. I was all unaided 4 miles away from the finish line.

As I was cycling, I saw a elongate stretchy toy snake then I had an idea. It was to bring my family together holding the elongated toy snake.

I cycled as brisk as I could that The Flash couldn’t catch me.Next,I saw my family one by one and everytime I see them,, I always tell them to hold the stretchy toy snake.

After that, the finish line was very tight but we won by the bend of the toy snake.


Han solos Iost hand

One  day  Kyloe  ren  was  in  his  star destroyer  saying  what  can  I  do. Then general  Hux said  that  the  rebels are  attacking the  death star  . Kylo  rent said  WHAT  so then he  got  his  army  of  stormtroopers. Next  kilo ren and  his  army  of  stormtroopers  went  into  the  troop transporter  So they  went off to  the  death  star  and  they went  out  of  the  ship  ,and  into the  death  star  . Next  kilo ren spotted  Loads of  rebels ,so kilo ren took  out his  light saber and killed  them all.Then kilo ren spotted  han solo,kilo ren chopped  hand solo’s  hand off and  , a few  minutes  later  the hand came to life  and  flew off never  to be  seen  again,  so han  solo was called  hand less solo.

WK:16 The dancing hands that came in handy

Long ago there were a couple of hands that lived in South Africa ?? . They are famous for their dance the gwara gwara. Sixty days later their king said in the hand accent” thee gwara gwara iss faymas in southh afrrica wee shouuld makke ittt comme inn hendyyyy he said. Then they went to make their famous pounded yam food. The next day the kings son makorokozza was in trouble with forrenor hands the forrenor hands came to South Africa from Zimbabwe ?? because their king told them to come. The next day the Nigerians ?? Came and did the same except the queen came and said HO IF I SHOULD SLAP U TODAY YOU DIRTY CORRUPTED CUCUMBA HEADED CROCODILE . Then the king of South Africa son came and stoped the fight and had an African renunion.

WK16: Who Is This Creature And What Does It Do?

One day we were watching the television. Watching Big Brother normal day next minute?? . The television turned off. We looked at the cable outside. She saw a creature. This creature was not ordinary creature?. It was a hand with a face. He had a very big nose . Next minute then in the blink of an eye He was gone. Next day my son went to Tesco and saw a page saying wanted he looked carefully. He said to himself ohhh that is that hand that was up on my gutter . He went home and saw that creature on the gutter again he rang 911 the guards came the next minute. The creature got arrested he got cot right handed and we never had any bother again

WK:16 Mutant gem hand

Hi I’m Zoey and I love gems I have a gem on my chest it’s a rainbow quartz. I went to the gem cave it’s where an ancient rose quartz statue was laid. My dad took me there on my birthday I had a mission to stop a mutant gem hand it use to be a gem like me and other gems around the world. But the apaite gem fell into a radio active pool and now he’s a mutant. So I was off he’s in a lab trying  to get a diamond I used my axe to poof him it did not work he broke the glass and was off with the diamond I promised that I will catch him.

WK16 The hand man

Once there was a man who was a evil sintist his name was Dr patrope.Dr pratrope loved to be evil,roon children’s nightmares and make creepy things.Like once he made a hand man he could go big or small anytime.Hand man tried to destroy anything he seed cars buildings if he was hungry he would eat food stores.When kids were asleep the hand man would try clime in your house window he looked scary because it looked like his nails where not cut in three years.But there was a boy who the hand man came in his house before  and kept on coming into his house so the boy set up a trap it works hand man was never seen after he got shot and it never happened again


Wk16 the hero hand

Hi I’m Zag the hand . I was waking to the ring store cause my ring got damage. When I handed over my ring. The shopkeeper said u did a…. Boom a thief went and snatched my ring. I was surprised that he came out of nowhere.  So I went home. I put  a Manley face on.   And my costume. And I go to the bank .    So as I waked past some houses …..I saw the thief he had the ring I jumped on his house. I go through the window I see the ring and I get a ……

Week 16 The Thing

One day I was moving to a house with my friends. I was going to a college out of town. I went to put the keys in the door but it opened before I put the keys in. When I looked I saw a hand on the door handle. When I blinked  it was gone. I waited for my friends to arrive but they never came. I was so scared, something hit me on the back of my head. I fell unconscious. I woke up a day later in the hospital. There was another hand on the floor.

WK16: The Creepy Hand

It was a day like any other, but it just seemed a bit weird. No one was coming outside, all the lights were turned off. It definitely was a bit strange. That was because all over the globe, giant hands were terrorising everybody, and sometimes killing them. People were trying to get rid of them, and I mean really trying, shooting them, blowing them up, and sometimes even setting them on fire. It lasted for months, until the last one was left, right here in Waterford. It lept up to space and we never saw the ever again, thank god.

Wk 16: Donald Rump The Hand

Once in a world of hands there was an election and one of the people getting elected was called, Donald Rump he was a mean man. He somehow won the election everyone hated him. The Mexican hands were shocked that he was gonna build a wall blocking them from Handmerica. Donald Rump went on to be racist to other hands and playing golf. Donald Rump soon tried to build a wall (but failed), the Mexicans were happy and entered Handmerica every day. Donald Rump got really mad and moved to a different country where he could relax. Goodbye Mr. Rump

Wk16 Donald Turnips Turnip Hand

Once upon a time lived a creepy hand that resembled the face of Donald Turnip. It was made as a statue but a wizard mad it come to life. It was located at the top of Turnips Tower. It was a nocturnal hand that went out at night and stole Turnip, well of course he did. When he stole your turnips he would make MEGA-TURNIPS to eat. When he eats MEGA-TURNIPS he grows like Donald Turnip he kinda has a lot of width, no offence. But one time they set a trap and they caught him RED HANDED good joke right?

WK16 The handless haunter

Once there was a man who was nice and funny and had a great life his name was Jeffo .Until one day a creepy looking man was behind him in his house “HI!” shouted the mysterious man “AH” Jeffo screamed in horror.”who are you” said Jeffo the man replied taking off his robe “I am your father” uhhhhhh ok “just kidding “. And boom the man pulled off Jeffo’s hand AHH everyone heard in the neighbourhood. And Jeffo became the handless haunter he pulled off everyone’s hand he came across and someone asked him hey can I have a hand Jeffo gave him a very cold stare and pulled off his other arm “there you go” said Jeffo eh thanks said the man.

WK16 Handy Manny

There once was a young man called Mandy he was handy man.Mandy he was called out to a factory to fix a giant vat filled with super moulding clay.While Mandy was fixing the vat he fell in.He was pulled out but it was to late he had moulded into a giant hand.Mandy had decided to become a super hero He would know be know as  handy Manny.Manny’s first heroic act he stopped a bank robbery When he caught them he found they had heart wrenching stories 1 of them had a very sick son.So handy Manny let them off with a warning.

WK16: The Scary Creepy Hand

once upon a time there was a boy called max and he was walking to town to get a game in gamestop. before he went in he saw a creepy scary hand ahhhh said max  there is a creepy hand the creepy hand was from underground max ran to gamestop .we went to get a game ok i will get black ops 3  its only €25:00 .ok lets pay ok lets go thank you bye ok lets go home the creepy hand was on him ahhh  max got him and threw him threw a house ok lets go ok  im saved misson completed.

WK16: Hand Invaders

It was a normal Sunday evening and my dog started barking. I looked up to the sky and I saw a object flying above me. I was scared but curious what it was, a weird looking hand. “I have a message for all humans, I am one of 100 million of hand creatures if you do not bow down to our king Handkra we will execute every human in the world “. I thought this was a dream but no no no it was the start of a war between the humans and the hand creatures, cause someone refused to bow to the king. The war went on for 20 days but the humans won the war

WK16: The Hand Of All Hands!

Once upon a time there…was a hand. But it was no ordinary  hand. HE WAS THE HAND OF ALL HANDS! Its the biggest, strongest, fatest and nicest hand ever. The hand lived in hand land, and in hand land…well…everybody was a hand. One day the hand of all hands, thought he will make a trip to the earth. Though when he arrived he was in a trash can, with bannana peel in his mouth. Then he teleported on top of a cargo. He did a celebrate pose with hes handy body. And went to who knows where? Umm do you know here he went?