WK11: 1912

one day in 1912  . People built a ship called titanic . It was huge with life boats on the side . I think it is in April  when the passengers boarded .and they left  there whey two people called jack and Mary I’m jack bye the way . I survived and mary . But I was thinking  about how I  was going to spend this trip on a boat but obviously you know it’s the middle of the trip  . When a felt the ship wobble it was raining .I looked out the window we crashed I knew I had to save Mary. And get her in a lifeboat we goat in and stared rowing the boat we were the first to escape and safe on a island..








3 thoughts on “WK11: 1912”

  1. Hi Roy,

    A really good story! This is a really great piece of descriptive writing. The characters you form are based on the film Titanic, and this gives you a lot of great ground to explore. I can relate to this as I love reading historical novels and watching films of such kind, so I am familiar with the story. I think the way you put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist to save Mary makes the piece personal. The specific description like that of the time of year makes the piece really believable. Did you know that the Titanic was actually based on a true historical event? I found that really interesting to research. Keep up the good work!

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