Ed’s Invention by Brian

Once there was a man named Ed. He was a very crazy guy  who came up with a mad invention,  he created a gigantic robot spider. Inside there was an RPG launcher that was manufactured by Habib . So he climbed inside and went to destroy his enemy Brandon, Brandon was a superhero and his weakness is Bradnodium so Ed covered his spider in it. So when Brandon attacked it did nothing expect hurt himself. So Brandon called in his friend Ryan Superpower and Ryan used his laser eyes to destroy Ed’s  giant spider.Then they put Ed in jail and threw the spider into the sun .THE END

2 thoughts on “Ed’s Invention by Brian”

  1. This sounds suspiciously like a day in our class, Brian!!! It’s a super story though, and I love how our real life conversations are giving you ideas for stories. I love the name “Bradnodium” for the material that is Brandon’s weakness. Well done and keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Brian, There’s just sooo much action going on in this story. I had to read through it twice to take it all in! Super story. Loving the idea of the ‘Bradnodium’. You should licence that product!

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