The best day of school by Shane

One day I was in school. We went on school trip to the Wildlife Centre. We got there we saw a Giraffe with pink underpants on him. My teacher was riding around on a skateboard quietly because the guard was asleep.But then the guard was awoken by a drilling noise . The guard seen my teacher and he got arrested and everybody ran off. five people ran off to  feed the monkeys. Other children got eaten by lions. The last pair of children went swimming with Penguins.All the children’s parents came and picked them up.It was the best day of school ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “The best day of school by Shane”

  1. A giraffe in pink underpants and a skateboarding teacher – I’d really like to see that sight Shane. All I can think about is the poor parents who came to collect their children only to find out they had been eaten by lions. They wouldn’t have been expecting that. The last sentence made me laugh Shane. If it was the best day of school ever – I’d hate to hear about the worst day. Joking aside, you’ve told a great story and managed to use all the prompt words very well.

  2. Pink underpants?!?!? And a teacher on a skateboard? And then the teacher being arrested… and children being eaten… sounds like a nightmare day of school for the poor teacher*!! Great work Shane, well done! (*I’d love to see a day like that!!!!)

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