I like to watch the stars at night and through my telescope I saw the weirdest thing falling from the sky. I decided to investigate,  it was easy to find because of the cloud of smoke that rising up into the sky. I seemed to be the only one noticed it because i was the only one there.  Right in  front of my eyes i saw two gigantic legs but i wondered where the rest of it was?  I searched the area and found the upper body of it, it was quiet deep into the ground. I called the Police just in case it was dangerous and now the upper body sits in a museum while the legs are still stuck in the ground.

WK28: The Unfinished Statue

Once, there was rich man named Mike. He wanted to build a statue of himself in the forest. Mike called a group of builders to build the statue for him.The builders took 2 weeks for them to build the wooden statue.

After the builders built the statue, a colourful woodpecker came to the statue. The woodpecker pecked the statue then the statue fell down. The only part left of the statue, was its legs.

Next, Mike came back to the forest to see his wooden statue. By the time he got there, it was a mess. Mike wanted to build another but he thought to himself it’s be a waste of money to build another one. 

The Mighty Core of Tecton

One very dark day in New York, a group full of superheroes were ready to go against there nemesis Thanorus the conquerer of Gavewill a planet were the superheroes in the team are from.The super heroes are Tecton with his healing powers and his laser hands,Catgirl with her 9 life’s and finally the two (Normos who can still help).The next day a very odd day Thanorus was once again causing trouble.Everyone tried to run away but Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress they still ran though.Tecton and the of the team appeared sliding down to Thanorus will he defeat  than ours or get heavily defeated by than ours to be continued

Week27 athletes club

Hi my name is jimmy,I run for the local athletics club down in the Rsc  in Waterford I have four friends Bob , Tony  , Keeley and Andy. We are in a big cross country race  today and Bob is very scared and I have butterflies in my stomach. Keeley was feeling sick  inside about who was out there Tony and Andy were fine then the big race came me and Andy were a little bit ahead. Keeley  and Tony  although they ran quickly ,they were still not making enough progress in the end me and Andy came 1st and 2nd Keeley came 3th tony came 4th we all went home feeling like winners





WK:27 indomie noodles

As I was on my phone i saw this man selling free indomie,as you all know I love indomie. This man was only allowed to sell these noodles only if he was to run the African food marathon,this happens every year. He runs with other people although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, but he won. The net day I was really happy because today was the day he could sell these delicious noodles. I  ran and surprisingly there was nobody in the line. I asked where the people were to the man and he smacked his lips at me, really weird like mtsw. I went home with a really sad face but then kfc cheered me up when he said free chicken for everyone go quick .And  after that I went home happy again.
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Week 27:WWE wrestle mania

Hi my name is Roy I’m a WWE superstar . I’m a world class wrestler I won many belts .in my first year I’m on the road to wrestle mania . I have a match next week 4 weeks to mania . One week later match night I’m a against Seth rolllins. Last match tilll mania. I’m in the ring Rollins beating me up . I lost my belt triple treat match in there weeks I TRAINED as hard as ever . 3 weeks later I was in the ring I got a bat and hit my opponents they kicked me hard , although they ran quickly got not making a enough progress . I got up and won the match I got my belts back

wk 17 St Stephens A vs Ferry bank

One day the basketball team went on a tournament. We played Ferry bank. We played and played although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. We played the first match match and we drew against them. We had to play another match against them again but we drew again. Then they just judged by the points. Pressure came to the to teams. Waiting for the result waiting and waiting. They said st Stephens A. And then we all celebrated. They’re was one boy and he was crying. I went up to him and said are you ok and I shook his hand. And then we went back to school and had a good day

Week 27 :We’re is all the chicken

One morning when  kfc opened a  man who loved chicken so much went to kfc and hid  his fake gun. He  went to the cash register and said give me all the chicken or I will kill you they all gathered the chicken but they didn’t know that there’s was a undercover cop there when the man was leaving he saw that someone was following him. The  man started to run then the cop started to run the cop was getting closer although they ran quickly they were still not making progress so the cop stop and so that he drop chicken on the floor so he left it there and hid behind a bush the man came back and took it but the man got him and he went to jail.

The magic thief wk27

Hi I’m a reporter but I’m really a detective. Well one night it was a parade but it wasn’t  a normal one. It was the magic show parade. But me and my parter  we were here like normal people. Anyways we were here because , the magic thief was worlds know. he had a trick up his sleeve.so we were standing there for a least for about 30min.  Until we saw him. He a face looked ugly but we got out of are steats and ran with are guns but he saw us. Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress and he got away. But we will get him some day.


Hi I’m  Jaffa  and I love cakes. I live in cork in a apartment house it is very fun there I have a teddy called birdy . He’s my favourite teddy bear so we went to perks the arcade in cork while we were there was a big a T.REX AHHH  a t.rex although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress so I came up with a plan .I said I will distract it and kill it so we did I got it and he’s dead yes few that’s a close one so we went home and watched tv the end.

WK:27 The robbing of the bank

It was a normal day at the bank. Everyone was there on time for work. They had the safe all locked up and safe. At about2:30,two people entered the bank. They both had pretty large sports bags with each of them. They rushed over to the front counter, pulling guns out of their bags. They had the bank at gunpoint! They asked for all the money in the cash register. The cops soon responded to the silent alarm. They were stood outside the door. The robbers ran. But although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress. They soon ended up in jail.

Wk 27 the robbery

It all started with a dark damp night at a house. There was two men there names were Steve and John. Steve and John were robbers who were well known for not getting caught. Steve and John were entering the house to start the robbery when they heard footsteps. Steve and John hid in the first thing they saw. They stayed there for a while but when they came out of hiding they were seen. The people who chased them and called the guards. Steve and John ran as fast as they could but although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress.

WK27 MW2 campaign

It was 2009 the U.S army are against Spetsnaz trying to get a very sepicial device. Soap Mactavish from Scotland and Simon Ghost Riley are set on a mission to fight the Brazilian army the Militia to capture the most dangerous criminal they capture him and car battery’s to torture him. And then Soap and Captain Price go to Moscow in Russia they get to then hanger and steal another device and get out quickly on a snowmobile and back to Ramirez against the Spetsnaz to take back America because they raided America with the strongest of tanks and guns and airforce while the U.S have a u.a.v for missiles  and tiger tanks. And then you go with ghost to get information from the Russian hitman Makorov and get betrayed by the general Shepard and kill him with a knife to the eye.

Wk 27 The diamond heart

On an island off the coast of Peru , a group off explorers were looking for the diamond heart of Peru. They stumbled across a huge cave. So they climbed in to the cave. It was looking pretty promising. One of the explores tripped on what looked like string. It triggered a gigantic boulder which rolled down the cave. Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress. They managed to get away from the huge boulder. So they carried on down the cave. They got into a room and there it was the diamond heart of Peru. They finally went home.

Wk:27 The Race Of Two Rivals!

Once upon a time lived a skinny boy named Excel. He was faster than all them fat boys. But one skinny skinny boy named Rollins came to the school. That boy is faster than me, and there was a big race coming up so I trained! When the race started me and Rollins were already ahead of everybody. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to go ahead of each other. So the two boys where neck and neck, and so I came down to the wire! Excel and Rollins drawed at the end but their rivalry never ended!

The Friday race

hi my name is Tim and I heard there was a race at the school but when I went to ask for some information about it, i saw one of the worst bully’s coming too so I still signed up and i just egnored them.so every day I went home I went outside to train for the race.Finally the race has started at Friday evening so the countdown went 3 2 1 and off we go so I begin to stomp my feet as hard as I could So I kept going.The next thing you know the end comes and! The bully was first but he tripped and I won the race!!!!

WK27 Jail break

It was night time in Spain the Madrid prison inmates escaped. 2 inmates escaped John Jose and Andres Navas. They reportedly ran out behind the guards in their block and exeted the building. They ran in a field with tall grass so the guards couldn’t see them. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress . The inmates hid in an abandoned hospital for the night. They were found the next day in a shop buying food,drinks and alcohol. They were arrested and got an extra 7 year sentence for escaping prison and were put in segregation this is Spain new 24/7 thank you and goodnight

The battle of Hoover Dam WK27

It was Sunday march 17th it was the day of the battle the new California republic vs the Legion.we had secured the location but we don’t have enough forces to fight them so we place land mines.The legion boys fell for our trap although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress to avoid gunfire and the land mines.There main officer legate lanius had fallen in a hail of fire and his sword was taken by a heavy trooper.The legion left fleeing we followed them to there main base and sent vertibirds to attack there main tent killing there leader Ceaser.

Wk 27: The Not So Big Marshmallow

Once apon a time a group of four people went to a house called marsh-of-the-house, their names where b, a, c, and d. Yes that was their names. Anyway they walked into the house to find well Marshmallows!!, but then as they entered the kitchen a marshmallow with legs ran at them. They fled they were so scared they ran out of the house and kept running, although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Then they realised the marshmallow was small, so they turned around and ate it. Now they were leaving to go to bed.

Wk 27; The Race

Hi my name is Jack and I love running, my mam and dad always say i’m going to be a world class runner.   My favourite running race is the relay and   I have won several gold,silver and bronze medals,my favourite medal  is this one.  Me and my best friends Frank,Stephen and Aaron  were in this relay race.    When the starting gun shot everyone started running, Stephen was a bit behind, when Aaron got the bat he didn’t make much progress, when Frank got it our rivals were ahead , although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress I needed to get that bat.   I got the bat and ran as fast as I could and we won ,  I really could be a runner when I grow up.

WK27: The Running Competition

One sunny day, three brisk,thin boys named Fortune, Collins and Excel entered a running competition for their school.

The next day, they went to the competition. There were 4 courses of the competition. Fortune, Excel and Collins failed the 3 courses of the competition so they were down to the last course.

The last course initiated and they were last place. Although, they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress because they didn’t work together.

Next, their P.E teacher hollered out “Work Together”. Fortune, Collins and Excel harkened to the P.E teacher so they won the last course.

After that, they got back to school with their medals on their neck.

the 4 yellow masks

It’s late at night, my name is Josh and by the way I am a spy. On my usual mission I normally wear my special spy gear but unfortunately tonight I left headquarters without it my plan was thin and will be hopeless without it.  Tonight I have a big mission, there is a huge gang going to rob the biggest jewellers in town.  The gang all wear yellow masks to hide there faces.  When I arrived at the shop they had already broke it.  There was a tiny circle in the window, and a few of the shiny jewels had gone and 4 yellow masks on the ground….. to be continued.

Wk 26 ; My superhero name

“Hi i’m a superhero  in training , And my name is …   and that’s my problem I don’t have a super duper superhero name yet.    To become a superhero you need to do lots and lots of special course’s, and i’m on my last  one  and it’s on in one hour.     When the time came I found out what my mission was, it to save a thin yellow dummy falling into a tiny shiny river ,but something  very unexpected  happened  the person who was setting up the river falling actually fell into the river I thought he was hopeless until  I aborted my superhero mission to save this superintended. I pulled him out of the river and then it came to me my super duper superhero name came to me.    And my name is elastic fish tastic  boy.

WK26: The Bike Competition

Once, lived a thin,tiny girl named Danielle. She’s a very good cyclist so she signed herself up for a bike competition. 

When Danielle got to the competition, the other cyclists said to her that she was tiny and it was hopeless for her to win. It hurt Danielle’s feelings but she put the hurtful words aside then she focused on the competition.

Next, Danielle was on the ramp with her shiny yellow BMX bike to do her bike skills. She was done lot of great bike moves and luckily she won the competition.

After Danielle won the competition, the cyclists who said hurtful words to Danielle, apologised to her.

After that, Danielle went home being ecstatic.


Wk19 The creature

I looked up there was a black liquid in the drainpipe. It is a creature that can travel quick by turning into a black liquid. I ran for my life. It came down the drainpipe after me. I found a shed to hide in but the creature evolved into his strongest form. I stood back to the end of the shed and it broke the door down . l found a sharp object and stabbed the creature but nothing happend. It charged at me I ran through it’s legs and bulleted down the street. I think I lost it Waaaaaaaaaaa. “Wow that was a dream I thought it was real”.

WK19:Miniscule pennywise

One miniscule day I was watching some fornite gameplay from CDNThe3rd(My Favourite Fortnite Youtuber)and when he somehow died in fornite he disseapearred out of thin air.Me and my friends and my brother Georgie wanted to figure this out so we investigated the scence.The very next day my brother playingin the rain with a handmade boat.Then all of a sudden it came down the drainpipe after that Georgie got exasperatehed.After that Georgie had saw a ugly clown dancing to gangnam style awkardly and wrongly.Georgie then asked “Can I have my boat back please?”PennyWise said”Nope”Then Georgie disintegrated out of thin air.And the mystery all ended………


WK:19 Training to be a sword master

Hi my name is Connie and this is how I be came a sword master. It was when  Steven saw how good I was with a sword . I said it was nothing but Steven is very stubborn I have any idea said Steven ask pearl I saw her go to this magic sewers it came down drainpipe I said what swords! so ask her. so me steven went to pearl she said are you sure I said yes we went to the floating arena were I trained day and night pearl said that’s all I can teach your official a sword master yes I said. Steven came with a rose coloured sword he said I earned this yes I did.

[19WEK]ultra TV

A crazy sinetist was working on a Project that was a TV that can transfroms .From pucket size to lap size to TV size. The sincenetist was crazy for him to be crazy for his fame to boost up he kept on buging people to buy. Only one preson bought it the sinncenetist made the price too exspensie 7000 pounds At one put he filiped out soo much he all must droped his plutomeum he whent to someone and said one last time ” do u what to buy the ultra TV” “No”and down the drainpipe he went. He dropped his plutomeum BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good bye White houe

Wk: 19 The Magical Potion

My dad was working on a new top secret potion. I really wanted to know what it was and one more thing I need to tell you is that my dog really needs a wash so I went of to wash him. I got the new shampoo that my Dad had brought home, while I was washing my dog with the shampoo he suddenly began to shrink.I couldn’t find him anywhere in the bath all of a sudden the water started to go down the drain, I ran outside as it came down the drainpipe and I knew my dog was in there somewhere. Now I know what the secret potion does.

WK19 Mockingbird

One day a pet called “it” wich was a mockingbird speices. This was no ordinary mockingbird. “It” is a horror mokingbird and it had sharp red claws on its feet, a big beak, ruf feathers and and scary red, eyes.  On this day my dad was coming back form the shop with me, and I heard a massive bang on the drainpipe. I got out of the car and looked inside the, drainpipe…and…first thing I saw…were red eyes and a big beak. And then it came down from the pipe. I got scratched by the red claws. And poked in he eye by the beak. And I Never saw mockingbird ever again!